Who We Are!

Hi there and welcome to our little corner of the world!  We are Jen and Barry.  We were high school sweethearts who went on to become married sweethearts.
Barry and Jen
Through the years, we've also become parents to three sons and a daughter who is due in July.  Bless her sweet little heart.  You will come to know our kids as A, B, C, and D.  Yes, those are their real first initals.  No, we didn't do it intentionally.  In fact, B is the oldest.
B.  Also known as "The Mighty B."
C is next. 
Then there is A.

And Baby D!
We are Christian Homeschoolers following a sort of eclectic Charlotte Mason style.  You can probably envision how interesting homeschooling a house full of boys can be.  It's definitely NOT for the faint of heart.  Barry likes to say that he escapes to work while I do the hard stuff at home.  HA HA!
Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we moved from the storm ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast back "home" and further inland into Mississippi.  We became homeowners for the first (and only and last and I'm-never-ever-doing-this-again-ever-time) later that year.  Our "baby" is a 1978 ranch/rambler (depending on who you ask) that has good bones but needs some cosmetic help.  We're still giving birth to it and probably will be for the rest of our natural lives.  This revelation thrills my husband.  Really.  I wish you could see the expression on his face when I begin a sentence with, "You know what I'd love to do to the house...".  ;-)
I've always loved to bake and in the last couple of years, it has spawned itself into a fun little hobby creating custom cakes for events.  My chef/husband also caters.  And we do it all from our small kitchen.  We would love to open a store front one day.
In our spare time (that made me laugh out loud) Barry co-owns an MMA gym and I'm a crafter.  Our life is pretty crazy, but we love every minute of it!  And you, you lucky dog, will learn more about us, warts and all, as we go. 
Thanks for stopping by!