Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mama Day!

I'm taking the day off!  Well, part of the day off.  I'm making a visit to the salon, doing a lil shopping, maybe grabbing a bite to eat or a latte and who knows what else!
At the end September, I cropped my already short pixie down to about 1/2 inch all over my head for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I got it trimmed up for Valentine's Day dinner with my main squeeze.  Since then though, I've been letting that baby grow!  I now have the most impressive mullet ever.  HA!  It's actually not so bad.  I straighten it and flip out the ends and it almost looks like I meant to have my hair like that.  I'm thinking a razored bob would be the best way to get everything closer to the same length and continue the growing process.  My eyebrows are the main reason for the salon visit.  I haven't had my brows waxed since February!  GASP!  I've just been plucking stray hairs.  I'm at the point now where I'm just before a younger version of Ernest Borgnine.  I kid, I kid.  Maybe.  My reason is simple--visiting the salon makes me want to chop all of my hair off into some fun and funky style that I'll never be able to recreate or that is entirely impractical for my lifestyle.  I know this because I peruse hairstyle websites on a daily basis.  The reason I wore the pixie for so long--and I'm talking YEARS!--was because it was cute, fun, funky, most women weren't wearing it and it was still practical.SCORE!  But...I wore it out and got kind of tired of it.  Hence the mullet.
I'm not sure what else I'll be into today.  I may stop by my favorite store (yep...Home Depot) to annoy my brother-in-law and see what's what in the world of bathroom renovations.  I know I need to stop in at the dreaded Wal-Mart.  I may do a lil shoe shopping.  I'm definitely going for that Chai latte.  And then I'm sure I'll head home because I'll just be missing my boys too much.  I do it every time.  I want a little time away, but not too much time.  I am the mommy, after all. 

Peace and Love,
Jen AKA The Mommy

Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Are There No Songs About the Joys of Remodeling?

When we bought our home, I loved that it was move-in ready.  Sure, I wanted to repaint the walls and make some cosmetic changes but we were able to just move on in.  Fast forward four years and reality sets in.  The bathroom and kitchen both need renovations.  Walls and trim need to be repainted.  Flooring needs to be pulled up and replaced.  While this may seem like a bad dream to some people, it's something I'm really looking forward to!  I'm actually giddy at the thought of it.  My dear husband, on the other hand, is not.  He is most certainly not a lover of home improvement.  Home Depot doesn't rank in the top 5 of places he would want to have a shopping spree (unless it was for power tools--he is a boy after all).  Home Depot is like a wonderland for me.  I positively hear angels singing when I walk in the door!
I wish I had taken photos of the house when we moved in.  The living room walls were an off-white/yellowish color.  The kitchen and dining area were an off-white/pinkish color.  The problem is that the rooms are open to each other, so they just stopped with one color at the carport door and started with another one.  The kitchen/dining area also had this apple border running around the room and then 6 rows of it behind the stove as a back splash.  Two of the bedrooms were the off-white/pinkish color.  The master bedroom was the off-white/yellowish color with dark green and cream striped wallpaper on the bottom third of the wall topped off by dark green and cream border.  The bathroom was this "WOW!  LOOK AT ME!" shade of purple.  Definitely not the kind of color you want to be around first thing in the morning.  The laundry room was the same, only in blue.  Half of the laundry room is still this color.  SHHHHH!  I'm getting around to it.
The bedrooms are nearly finished.  The nursery was painted for C and was redone for A and it's finished until he moves into a toddler bed. B and C's room is painted and the Star Wars mural is nearly finished.  Mmhmm, yeah, I said Star Wars.  We embrace our inner geek in this house!  We need some better storage solutions in there and I'm strongly considering building them platform beds like ours.  Our room needs a TV stand, a few more pieces of art and Grandma's chest (um, the furniture kind--not the anatomical kind) needs a coat of paint to match it to the room.  The headboard I built is totally fabulous!
The bathroom was repainted when we moved in.  It's a robin's egg shade of blue.  The bath is going to get a complete overhaul.  New tub, toilet, sinks (yes, two sinks!!!  Right now there's just one sad, lonely sink!), flooring, walls, lights...I'm breathless!  I saw a faboo vanity that I love that the hubster doesn't love.  It looks like a farmhouse table and has two vessel sinks sitting on top.  Be.  Still.  My.  Heart.  Plus, we could build the vanity ourselves and save some bank.  Hubby doesn't like vessel sinks.  So we may go with two pedestal sinks.  For the most part, Barry defers to me in design matters.  He truly likes whatever I choose, so if he's that adamant about the vessel sinks then he really must not like them!
The kitchen is the remodel we are both most excited about!  The carport will be closed in for a dining room.  The entire kitchen/dining space will become kitchen!  LOVE!  Full size refrigerator and freezer, two ranges, two pantries, a ginormous area for cakes...did I say LOVE!?!?!?  I.  Can't. Flippin'.  Wait.
The living room/kitchen/hallway are actually going to be repainted the same color.  We have paneling so we may fill in the grooves.  Or we may not.  I think they're growing on me.  I'd love to replace the flooring with something a tad darker.  We'll see.  That may be too much for Barry to take!  We'll replace the baseboards and door and window moldings with something a little more chunky.
As you can probably tell, I'm really excited!  I'll take before and after pictures and post them as work progresses!  For now, I have more measuring to do!  GIDDINESS!

Peace and Love,
Jen AKA The Mommy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Labely Labels!

If you know me in person, then you know that I am just the teensiest bit OCD! I ♥ organization. Up with order! Down with chaos! Anyhoo, the fabulous folks over at Silhouette and the lovely chick at Thrifty Decor Chick are giving away a Silhouette cutter.  Be.  Still.  My.  Heart.  Do you know the kind of labeling joy I could have with one of those?  I'm a little light headed just thinking about it!  Can you say AWESOMENESS?
What would I label, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you since you asked so nicely?  First, I think I'd label my children.  Maybe then I could avoid combining the name of the child I'm speaking to with the name of their sibling or saying,  "Hey You!" accompanied by snapping.  I'm pretty sure A thinks his name is actually "Baby".  Sigh.
Next, I'd do one of those nifty vinyl wall saying that I love, but am just too cheap frugal to purchase and that I do not, repeat DO NOT, trust myself to paint.  Ack!  Same goes for "Welcome" and the address numbers on the front door.  It's so nifty looking!  And, you know, should we every need emergency personnel I'm sure I'd appreciate that they could read the address.  You know, just a lil bit!  ;-)
OOOOOOOOH!  Canisters!  Bins!  I could label all of the containers that hold my cake baking and decorating ingredients and tools!  I'm swooning!  And patterns!  Patterns I say!  I could cut out the patterns for airbrushing or painting on cakes!
It does more than labels though.  It would be fantabulous for scrapbooking and paper crafts.  I could make some uber cute Christmas cards!  Giddiness!  And for a homeschooling mom like me, it would be great for the kids craft projects.  I'm sure they could come up with some super creative things that are not attached to their mother's obsessive need to label things.
Of course, I'm sure they'd have no objections to labeling them so that their mother could call them by the right name. 

Peace and Love,
Jen AKA The Mommy

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Whew! We are really getting some rain right now. Of course, all it makes me want to do is sleep. Of course, I can't do that! So instead I've been perusing the internet for ideas for our bathroom remodel. I've determined that I like all of 4 colors in the whole wide world--white, black, chocolate and latte. I don't mind pops of color, but I've noticed that when I see a room with a red wall I automatically back away from it. Strange.
Obviously, rainy days mean children with cabin fever. And mine have it. Big time. It's lightning so we can't even sit on the carport and blow bubbles. Sigh.
So I suppose I'll do the adult thing and clean my house. Double sigh.
Which brings me to the latest issue at hand. The "If I Don't Do It Who Will" experiment. Guess what? No one will. Apparently they don't see the clutter, dust, garbage, dirty dishes, and mounds upon mounds of dirty clothes. I realize I'm probably over-exaggerating a bit here but it's starting to make me a panicky mess. The dudes, on the other hand, just step over it and keep going. GRRRR! So I suppose that I will do those things which no one else will do. Triple sigh.
I think the rain has slacked off so we are going to blow bubbles. Maybe this day is turning around...

AKA The Mommy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the Immortal Words of Alice Cooper--"School's Out For Summer"!

As you know, I homeschooled for the first time this year. Yeah. What an experience! I don't mean that in a bad way but it was definitely a challenge. We decided last July to homeschool. I had already registered Lil B for school. So here we are. It's July. And we have no clue what we are doing. Awesome. I start perusing websites that sell homeschool curricula. Did I mention that we had no idea what we were doing? So I start asking questions of other homeschooling parents. I read what experts say. One recommended this. Another recommended that. Still another would recommend something else. Here's where knowing that we had no idea what we were doing is very important. Because we didn't. And we were a little confused. One expert said that I should understand my child's learning style before deciding. Hello!?!?!? I sent him to school to learn. Homework was a nightmare. Intellectually, he is above his peer group, but that didn't help me when it came to this. It's was long about this time that I first started to doubt my abilities. I realized that I didn't really know him anymore. Panic sets in. How can I not know my own child? Hyperventilating ensues. Where's my little paper bag? Then I read that I didn't need to know his learning style. WHAT?!?!?! It was right around this time that I realized that the experts didn't know jack about my kid. At least I knew more than that. So I start obsessively watching him, monitoring him, documenting his every move. Just call me "Stalker" "Concerned Mom". I asked his opinion. I read. A lot. By the end of August, we were ready to go.
Here's where I discovered that education is not exact. Some of the things that I wasn't sure would work for us actually worked out brilliantly. Some of the things I was sure were perfect weren't worth the paper they were printed on. Some of the things that were ho hum were exciting when presented in the right manner and some of the things that seemed promising fell flat. Of course, some things worked just as I planned all along. For the most part.
Sooooo...the Friday before Memorial Day was our last day of school for the year. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Take a little breather and then start the curricula hunt again. But this time I know what I'm doing. Ummmm...maybe.

AKA The Mommy

It's Been A While...

I logged on today to follow a friend's blog and realized that I haven't updated in a hot minute. Life has gotten a little bit hectic and blogging had gotten pushed to the bottom of the list. Anyhoo...
About a year ago, I made a cake for my sister's birthday. Then the next month I made one for my dad. I was posting pics on Facebook and my friends were all commenting on how cute they were. A few cakes later and people are saying that I should sell them. I think in April when I did a wedding cake and a Minnie Mouse birthday cake is when the ball really started rolling. Now, I'm at the point where I'm doing a cake pretty much every weekend. And cupcakes. And pie. And...well, if it's sweet I'm pretty much making it. So here I am--a cottage industry. I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm loving every minute and letting God take it where he wants it to go!

AKA The Mommy