Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Butterbean Takes Round One!

This pregnancy is kicking my butt. I’m not a pregnancy novice, I am the mother of two, but this time is different. I have never, ever, ever been so nauseated ever in my life. Ever. I had some mild morning nausea when I was pregnant with B and none at all when I was pregnant with C. But this time...I can’t even explain it. And yes, it’s really that bad. My only consolation in this is that I haven’t actually thrown up yet.
Not only am I a walking lump of nausea, but I look terrible. With my boys, I glowed. Yes, really. I have pictures taken not long after I found out and my complexion was beautiful and I literally glowed. This time I am pale and having acne problems, because it’s not bad enough to look like the walking dead or to look like a high school Freshman. You should be both--"Zombie Freshmen"--sounds like the title of a bad horror flick.
Okay, so round one goes to the baby because it’s obvious that I am not winning. How long is the first trimester? Oh, man...

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