Sunday, May 4, 2008

Butterbean's First Prenatal Appointment!

WARNING: Prenatal Appointments can be a little graphic, so if you are squeamish about the female anatomy, read no further. Peace.

I had my first prenatal appointment on April 29. I am using the same doctor that I've been seeing since I was 18. She delivered my two boys, knows my family medical history without even looking (thanks Mom) and in my opinion she's the best OB/GYN ever. She did the oh so wonderful yearly check-up (I won't go into that). Then she tried to find the baby's heartbeat. It was really a little too early to hear it, but she figured it was worth a shot. Then she pushed on my belly to find how high my uterus was and it was higher than it should have been. My uterus is large anyway and we know that, but she felt like it was reason to check things out. I really wasn't too concerned until she said, "you know, just to rule out an earlier due date or multiples." Ummm...what? So I had to wait in the office for the sonographer to fit me in. One baby in one big uterus--thank goodness! But I did get an ultrasound and Butterbean is the cutest little one inch fetus ever. Okay, so I can't verify that, since we really couldn't make anything out, but he's mine and all mothers think their kids are the cutest, so there.

I have an official due date of November 27--Thanksgiving Day. I hope she has some pity on me and induces early so I can enjoy Thanksgiving at home with the ones I'm most thankful for. Oh, and Paw Paw's dressing--I'm usually pretty thankful for it too!

On an upnote--the nausea is starting to subside, my skin is starting to clear up and I am a glowing pregnant lady once again. Yay! I crave cinnamon rolls, so if you want to donate some to the cause, drop me a line.

My next appointment is May 27, so stay tuned!

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