Monday, November 17, 2008

Induce? Yes, thank you.

I went to the doctor on November 12. I was at 37 weeks but had the fundal height of someone at 43 weeks, which would be someone 3 weeks past due. It's the same measurement I had with C. C was considered LGA (large for gestational age) and Baby A is also, according to my ultrasounds. Dr. L said that we should maybe think about evicting Baby A and that I needed to start considering an induction or a c-section.
Now, let me start by saying I am not against c-sections. They serve their purpose and I can accept that, but I don't feel like surgery is necessary for me. Childbirth isn't pretty and takes a long time, but I enjoy the birth experience, especially with an epidural, thank you very much, and I enjoy the relative normality of life that you have just a few short hours after birth.
Okay, so back to the story. She asked me to come back on November17 to work out a plan. I am now measuring closer to 44 weeks but only dilated 1 cm. That's not so bad considering that I am actually just 38 weeks and 6 days along and from past experience I know that I really only dilate when I am in active labor. My babies don't drop until I am in active labor either, so no big surprise that he/she is still high. She wants to catch Baby A before he or she gets too big, preferably around 9 pounds, so we will be inducing on November 19 at midnight.
Stay tuned!

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