Friday, October 23, 2009

Irrational Fears

As is the custom in virtually every home in America, and dare I say the world, with children if one gets sick you can best your sweet bippy that every other child is going to get sick. It's the rule. It's right up there with the Laws of Physics. If you don't believe me, ask any other parent.
Well, this household has had it this week. I feel like I probably brought this down upon our heads because of my somewhat braggadocios proclamation that one of the reasons I was soooo glad we had decided to homeschool was because our children wouldn't bring home every filthy, rotten, nasty, disgusting, putrid, creepy-crawly, germ and bug that crawled through the school. I'm fairly certain that was all of the adjectives that I used. Stupid Mommy. Anyway, A first...fever and no other symptoms. Then Lil B...fever and a slight congested cough. Now, C fever and snot puke. If you aren't a parent you may be saying, "What? Gross!" and I concur. Of all the gross things you must deal with as a parent (and the list is so long) for me this is Kryptonite. I must stifle the urge to gag along with him. So far, I've been successful! Thumbs up for Mommy!
At this point, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Self? Jen titled this blog 'Irrational Fears' and she hasn't gotten to that yet." And you would be right. Here's where the irrational fear comes in. Fever and vomit and caused by something. They're bad enough together, but at least you can narrow the field down. Just fever? Just vomit? Why? What's causing it? And the answer to this is that I don't know. My children have contracted some nastiness and I don't know what. The irrational fear is that it's something horrid. Fortunately for the sanity of the residents of this home, I'm also pragmatic enough to know that three kids with virtually the same symptoms, two of which are on the mend, have caught something most probably fairly mundane.
C also has this cyst on the back of his knee. His regular doctor diagnosed it as a Baker's cyst and referred us to a clinic that specializes in orthopedics. That appointment is Monday. Shall I even delve into the irrational fear that they are wrong and that it's a tumor? I didn't think so. If fevers and vomit worry me then I think you know what this is doing to my psyche.
Speaking of irrational fears...Lil B has one. He has an irrational fear that every bump that mars his skin is a spider bite. We aren't sure why he feels like that.
I guess the conclusion is that it's important to know that everyone is afraid of something. Some are less rational than others but I think as long we are able to put our fears in the proper perspective then we'll all be okay.
Oh, and don't brag.

AKA The Mommy

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