Friday, March 12, 2010

The Google Queen Works Out, but Finds Peeing in the Shower a Bit Much!

Two posts from me in one day? What? I usually don't post this often in a month!

The temperatures have been phenomenal this week and we are all suffering from a bad case of Spring Fever. Hopefully, Spring Break will be the cure for our ills and it can't come quick enough! B is speeding through the year and C is counting to 15 and knows all of his colors and shapes. If I could just get him to sit still long enough to teach him to write his name or begin reading...

Lil B has been reading The Star Wars Saga for the past few weeks. He is nearly finished with Return of the Jedi, so it is now time for new books. Have I ever said how much I love bookstores? Okay...I LOVE LOVE LOVE bookstores. I've been anxiously waiting for him to finish this series, just so I can go pick out new books. Anyway, we were discussing what our next choices might be, and he asked, "Mom? What's that thing where the guy says 'To be or not to be' while holding a skull?" I said, "It's a play, son, called 'Hamlet' and it's by William Shakespeare." Lil B asked, "Whose skull is he holding?" I replied, "Ummm...the jester. I can't remember his name. I haven't read Hamlet in years." He says, "You should Google it. You are the Google Queen after all." At least the boy finally sees that I have skills, even if they are in some sort of Nerdiverse.

And C...oh that boy... I was sitting here at the computer a couple of days ago and he pulled a chair up to the kitchen sink. He climbed atop and proceeded to pull his underpants down as though he is going to pee in the sink. I shriek and tell him that he most certainly is NOT going in the sink and he says, "Why? I pee in the shower." His father further rationalized this by telling me that all men pee in the shower and he could see why he would think it would be okay to pee in the sink as well. In what universe? Sometimes, I think I live in The Twilight Zone!

A is learning new words everyday! The latest is "thanks" when you give him something. So polite and so gosh darn cute!

That's it for now. I have a weekend to do list a mile long. Ah...the joys of Spring!

AKA The Mommy

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