Friday, March 12, 2010

Life? Love? Families?

Recently, a friend posted the following status on Facebook: "(Name Withheld)thinks life is one big riddle and we are all still searching for the answer...and when we figure it out it will be one of those moments where we say "DUH!"!!!
It got me thinking about life and the meaning thereof. Anyone who knows Lil B knows that he is an old soul with a child's innocence so I asked him what he thought life was about. I took notes and this is his answer verbatim.

"I think life is about many different things. To build confidence, have good communication and social interaction. There are many different challenges in life."

Then I asked, "What is love?"

"Love is a very important thing. It helps build families."

Which led to, "Why are families important?"

"Families are important because it means that you have someone to play with and someone who loves you."

So the next time I feel like life is far too overwhelming and complicated, I'm going to take some advice from my nine year old. Thanks, Lil B! I love you!

AKA The Mommy

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