Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Whew! We are really getting some rain right now. Of course, all it makes me want to do is sleep. Of course, I can't do that! So instead I've been perusing the internet for ideas for our bathroom remodel. I've determined that I like all of 4 colors in the whole wide world--white, black, chocolate and latte. I don't mind pops of color, but I've noticed that when I see a room with a red wall I automatically back away from it. Strange.
Obviously, rainy days mean children with cabin fever. And mine have it. Big time. It's lightning so we can't even sit on the carport and blow bubbles. Sigh.
So I suppose I'll do the adult thing and clean my house. Double sigh.
Which brings me to the latest issue at hand. The "If I Don't Do It Who Will" experiment. Guess what? No one will. Apparently they don't see the clutter, dust, garbage, dirty dishes, and mounds upon mounds of dirty clothes. I realize I'm probably over-exaggerating a bit here but it's starting to make me a panicky mess. The dudes, on the other hand, just step over it and keep going. GRRRR! So I suppose that I will do those things which no one else will do. Triple sigh.
I think the rain has slacked off so we are going to blow bubbles. Maybe this day is turning around...

AKA The Mommy

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