Thursday, June 24, 2010

Labely Labels!

If you know me in person, then you know that I am just the teensiest bit OCD! I ♥ organization. Up with order! Down with chaos! Anyhoo, the fabulous folks over at Silhouette and the lovely chick at Thrifty Decor Chick are giving away a Silhouette cutter.  Be.  Still.  My.  Heart.  Do you know the kind of labeling joy I could have with one of those?  I'm a little light headed just thinking about it!  Can you say AWESOMENESS?
What would I label, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you since you asked so nicely?  First, I think I'd label my children.  Maybe then I could avoid combining the name of the child I'm speaking to with the name of their sibling or saying,  "Hey You!" accompanied by snapping.  I'm pretty sure A thinks his name is actually "Baby".  Sigh.
Next, I'd do one of those nifty vinyl wall saying that I love, but am just too cheap frugal to purchase and that I do not, repeat DO NOT, trust myself to paint.  Ack!  Same goes for "Welcome" and the address numbers on the front door.  It's so nifty looking!  And, you know, should we every need emergency personnel I'm sure I'd appreciate that they could read the address.  You know, just a lil bit!  ;-)
OOOOOOOOH!  Canisters!  Bins!  I could label all of the containers that hold my cake baking and decorating ingredients and tools!  I'm swooning!  And patterns!  Patterns I say!  I could cut out the patterns for airbrushing or painting on cakes!
It does more than labels though.  It would be fantabulous for scrapbooking and paper crafts.  I could make some uber cute Christmas cards!  Giddiness!  And for a homeschooling mom like me, it would be great for the kids craft projects.  I'm sure they could come up with some super creative things that are not attached to their mother's obsessive need to label things.
Of course, I'm sure they'd have no objections to labeling them so that their mother could call them by the right name. 

Peace and Love,
Jen AKA The Mommy

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