Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mama Day!

I'm taking the day off!  Well, part of the day off.  I'm making a visit to the salon, doing a lil shopping, maybe grabbing a bite to eat or a latte and who knows what else!
At the end September, I cropped my already short pixie down to about 1/2 inch all over my head for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I got it trimmed up for Valentine's Day dinner with my main squeeze.  Since then though, I've been letting that baby grow!  I now have the most impressive mullet ever.  HA!  It's actually not so bad.  I straighten it and flip out the ends and it almost looks like I meant to have my hair like that.  I'm thinking a razored bob would be the best way to get everything closer to the same length and continue the growing process.  My eyebrows are the main reason for the salon visit.  I haven't had my brows waxed since February!  GASP!  I've just been plucking stray hairs.  I'm at the point now where I'm just before a younger version of Ernest Borgnine.  I kid, I kid.  Maybe.  My reason is simple--visiting the salon makes me want to chop all of my hair off into some fun and funky style that I'll never be able to recreate or that is entirely impractical for my lifestyle.  I know this because I peruse hairstyle websites on a daily basis.  The reason I wore the pixie for so long--and I'm talking YEARS!--was because it was cute, fun, funky, most women weren't wearing it and it was still practical.SCORE!  But...I wore it out and got kind of tired of it.  Hence the mullet.
I'm not sure what else I'll be into today.  I may stop by my favorite store (yep...Home Depot) to annoy my brother-in-law and see what's what in the world of bathroom renovations.  I know I need to stop in at the dreaded Wal-Mart.  I may do a lil shoe shopping.  I'm definitely going for that Chai latte.  And then I'm sure I'll head home because I'll just be missing my boys too much.  I do it every time.  I want a little time away, but not too much time.  I am the mommy, after all. 

Peace and Love,
Jen AKA The Mommy

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