Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Are There No Songs About the Joys of Remodeling?

When we bought our home, I loved that it was move-in ready.  Sure, I wanted to repaint the walls and make some cosmetic changes but we were able to just move on in.  Fast forward four years and reality sets in.  The bathroom and kitchen both need renovations.  Walls and trim need to be repainted.  Flooring needs to be pulled up and replaced.  While this may seem like a bad dream to some people, it's something I'm really looking forward to!  I'm actually giddy at the thought of it.  My dear husband, on the other hand, is not.  He is most certainly not a lover of home improvement.  Home Depot doesn't rank in the top 5 of places he would want to have a shopping spree (unless it was for power tools--he is a boy after all).  Home Depot is like a wonderland for me.  I positively hear angels singing when I walk in the door!
I wish I had taken photos of the house when we moved in.  The living room walls were an off-white/yellowish color.  The kitchen and dining area were an off-white/pinkish color.  The problem is that the rooms are open to each other, so they just stopped with one color at the carport door and started with another one.  The kitchen/dining area also had this apple border running around the room and then 6 rows of it behind the stove as a back splash.  Two of the bedrooms were the off-white/pinkish color.  The master bedroom was the off-white/yellowish color with dark green and cream striped wallpaper on the bottom third of the wall topped off by dark green and cream border.  The bathroom was this "WOW!  LOOK AT ME!" shade of purple.  Definitely not the kind of color you want to be around first thing in the morning.  The laundry room was the same, only in blue.  Half of the laundry room is still this color.  SHHHHH!  I'm getting around to it.
The bedrooms are nearly finished.  The nursery was painted for C and was redone for A and it's finished until he moves into a toddler bed. B and C's room is painted and the Star Wars mural is nearly finished.  Mmhmm, yeah, I said Star Wars.  We embrace our inner geek in this house!  We need some better storage solutions in there and I'm strongly considering building them platform beds like ours.  Our room needs a TV stand, a few more pieces of art and Grandma's chest (um, the furniture kind--not the anatomical kind) needs a coat of paint to match it to the room.  The headboard I built is totally fabulous!
The bathroom was repainted when we moved in.  It's a robin's egg shade of blue.  The bath is going to get a complete overhaul.  New tub, toilet, sinks (yes, two sinks!!!  Right now there's just one sad, lonely sink!), flooring, walls, lights...I'm breathless!  I saw a faboo vanity that I love that the hubster doesn't love.  It looks like a farmhouse table and has two vessel sinks sitting on top.  Be.  Still.  My.  Heart.  Plus, we could build the vanity ourselves and save some bank.  Hubby doesn't like vessel sinks.  So we may go with two pedestal sinks.  For the most part, Barry defers to me in design matters.  He truly likes whatever I choose, so if he's that adamant about the vessel sinks then he really must not like them!
The kitchen is the remodel we are both most excited about!  The carport will be closed in for a dining room.  The entire kitchen/dining space will become kitchen!  LOVE!  Full size refrigerator and freezer, two ranges, two pantries, a ginormous area for cakes...did I say LOVE!?!?!?  I.  Can't. Flippin'.  Wait.
The living room/kitchen/hallway are actually going to be repainted the same color.  We have paneling so we may fill in the grooves.  Or we may not.  I think they're growing on me.  I'd love to replace the flooring with something a tad darker.  We'll see.  That may be too much for Barry to take!  We'll replace the baseboards and door and window moldings with something a little more chunky.
As you can probably tell, I'm really excited!  I'll take before and after pictures and post them as work progresses!  For now, I have more measuring to do!  GIDDINESS!

Peace and Love,
Jen AKA The Mommy

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