Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Tired...and Pretty Darn Sick of It Too!

I haven't slept in three nights.  Or maybe four nights.  Bah.  Who's counting?  The reason?  Nightmares.  Yet have no idea why it keeps happening!  Crazy, right?  So to you, Mr. Nightmare, I am totally uninterested in dreaming that snakes have invaded my home, that one of my children is missing, that my home is over run with angry ghosts, that serial killers are trying to murder me, gore in any shape, form or fashion, and whatever else you have up your sleeve.  It's not fair to my children to be grumpy and tired.  Now I just need to find that darn cricket that chirps all night long and give him a piece of my mind as well.

Peace and Love,
Jen AKA The Mommy

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