Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Looking back...C meets bat.

From time to time, I randomly scroll through our albums on Snapfish and reminisce.  Today, I found the photos from 2007 of the time that C got hit in the head with the baseball bat.  Obviously, he's okay since this happened almost 4 years ago to the day.  Let me tell you what happened...
B, a few months from turning 7, had played t-ball that summer and on this particularly warm November evening he was outside hitting balls off the tee with his aluminum t-ball bat.  C, a few months from turning 2, was running around the yard.  Their dad was with them and I was cleaning inside the house.  I looked out the backdoor and C was running with his dad hot on his heels.  I had no sooner closed the screen door when I heard a "thwack" followed by a wail.  I opened the screen door again and Barry had C scooped up in his arms heading for the house.  I asked what was wrong and B said, "I hurt my brother!"  Barry sat C down on the table and he had a huge goose egg forming.  I mean HUGE.  I called the pediatrician's office and they told me to take him straight to the ER.  By this time, C is fine, no tears at all.  B, on the other hand, is a complete wreck.  He sobbed the entire 35 minute ride to the hospital.  I called my parents in the event that we were kept overnight for some reason.  Barry's parents were on a plane to Las Vegas, so they didn't find out until the got home.
We got to the hospital and C was being his typical self--running, jumping, climbing.  Barry stayed outside with B until he could get himself together.  We were seen immediately by the triage nurse and then taken to the back.  After being seen by several doctors we were sent for an x-ray and told that he would probably need a CT scan also.  It took me and two nurses to hold him down enough for the x-ray.  The CT scan didn't happen because he was too agitated.  The ER doctors told us that they didn't feel it was necessary since he didn't seem to have any real trauma.  We were sent home several hours later and told to give him Tylenol for pain and to ice it if he would let us.  He didn't let us.  He also didn't let us give him any Tylenol.  It really never seemed to bother him.  Here are the photos.  Caution--they are a little, uh, gross. 

First, let's take a look at C 4 days before this happened.  What a cutie patootie!

These next two are from the night it happened.  I took them as soon as we got home.  It was about 4 hours after it happened. You can seen that the swelling goes from the arch of one eyebrow to the arch of the other eyebrow and how far out the swelling went.

The next two are from 4 days later.  At this point, the swelling was receding and his eyes were turning black.  Yes, they told us that would happen so I wasn't completely freaked out!
Even with his black eyes and bruised head, he was still the cutest little fellow!

I love looking back and periodically I'll share the things that happened to us before I started this blog!  Hopefully the next one won't be so graphic!  We have three sons though, so I'm not making any promises!

Peace and Love, Jen

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