Monday, October 15, 2012

A Sweet 1st Birthday Party for Our Princess

Our sweet baby daughter turned one in July.  Between the madness of our oldest niece getting married and the fact that I haven't been in much of a party mood since my sister passed away, her birthday party got put on hold.  We got to October and I realized that if I didn't get on it, she wouldn't have a first birthday party.  And I'm really making an honest attempt to "Choose Joy", so what could be more joyful than a super cute and pleasantly plump little angel smooshing around in pink cake frosting?  Answer?  Um...NOTHING!  So here it is, D's first birthday party!

The dining room table set up with flowers, the cupcake tower, and yummy sweet treats! 

We added bowls of Starburst candies, platters of white chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzel rods that we made, and plates of Oreo fudge creme cookies that we drizzled with pink candy melts.
Sweet butterfly napkins, lavender garden trellis plates and wispy flowers say "garden party" to me.  
Her smash cake covered in dainty ruffles.
Pennant name banner that I made.
My girl and me checking out the gift from my parents.
Happy birthday, Princess!
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she approves!  HA!
She had a fantastic day!  Thanks for checking out her party!


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