Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Nursery Reveal!

Our daughter will be 15 months old tomorrow.  I actually started writing this post in November and somewhere along the line I got distracted and never got around to photographing the room so it was never posted.  MY BAD!  This is not a terribly lost post (I'll post some project tutorials separately later on) but there are lots of photos!
(Disclaimer:  First of all, let me apologize for the quality of the photos.  I am a rockstar at a lot of things but photography is not one of them.  I do well to operate my point and shoot digital camera and the camera on my phone.  And of course, when I decide to photograph the room, my digital camera doesn't want to cooperate.   I'm sure it's user error!  Second of all, let me apologize for the lighting in the photos. For some reason, I've never been able to get the light right in here to photograph it.  Light on, light off, shades open, shades closed...I've tried it all.  I'm sure this goes back to not being a photography rockstar.  And there you have it!)
Let's take a counter clockwise tour of the room, shall we?
When you stand at the door, this is the view you get.  The bed was A's when he was a baby and Barry and I also refinished the chest of drawers and dresser at that time. 

This is a straight on view of the canopy above her bed.  I didn't want anything she could remotely get tangled in but loved the idea of sleeping under a gauzy canopy!  It's nothing more than a sheer curtain panel.  I'll post a tutorial to that project later on!

I was inspired to add a little flower chandelier under her canopy.  The best part?  All of these flowers and the letter "D" were items my sister used to decorate for my baby shower.  I love that there is a bit of sentiment to it.  And it's cute. ;-)  Tutorial coming on that soon as well!

This chest of drawers and the matching dresser that you'll see in a moment were mine when I was a girl and they were old then.  They just needed a little TLC and a fresh coat of stain!

The basket was part of a gift from my baby shower and the flowers were picked up at Hobby Lobby at 50% off the regular price.  We LOVE that little round sound machine.  It was also a gift and quite arguably in my top 5 baby gifts ever.

My friend Sherry painted the name plaque for the room.  Isn't it precious?  She's so talented!  It always photographs washed out.  It's much more vibrant in person.  She used a photo of the bedding to get the colors.  She's never even seen it actually hanging in the room!

In the corner between the chest and the dresser is the rocking chair.  It's Amish made, super-comfortable, and very well-built.  It doesn't really go with the style of the room, but it's been used to rock every one of my babies to sleep and for that reason I love it and it stays.  My mother got that sage green throw at Sears when I was still pregnant and it is the softest blanket I've ever felt in my life.  It's perfect for snuggles during those late night feedings.  The teddy was C's and he has since deemed himself "too old" for it, although I do occasionally find it in his room.  Hmmmm...  That little pillow came with the bedding set.  The paper lanterns were used at my baby shower.

This is the dresser that matches the chest of drawers.  It used to have a giant (and exceedingly heavy) mirror that went with it, but I sacrificed that as a young teen when I found myself more in need of a desk than a vanity.  When the time comes, I can just remove the changing pad and it's a desk for her as well.  Perhaps she'll be a budding young author like her mother was at one time!

This shelf was black in a former life!  It used to hold the letters used to spell A's name when the nursery was his.  A few coats of ivory spray paint (Krylon's Dual Paint + Primer) gave it new life and filled the gap above the changing table.  The photos of my girl are ones that I took when she was 4 or 5 months old.  The silver frames were quite inexpensive (I think I picked them up at Walmart) and I added the pink flowers (from the scrapbooking department at Hobby Lobby).  The "D" is actually hanging on the wall and is covered in scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby.  The cross was attached to a gift at my baby shower and I love that little pop of something other than pink up there.  The piggy bank was a Christmas gift.  The vase is not a vase at all but a crocheted baby bottle cover on a baby bottle.  I took off the nipple and filled it with more flowers from my shower.

My mother found this sign on clearance at Hobby Lobby (we love the Hob Lob around here!).  I attached some ribbon and it became a cute bow hanger for her closet door.

This is the "Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!" wall.  It's the only thing still not finished.  I'm working on something for that spot, it's just not ready for its closeup yet.  It will hide a lot of that toy clutter.

Rosa centifolia = Blush hundre... Digital ID: 1111008. New York Public LibraryRosa damascena = Great royal r... Digital ID: 1111026. New York Public Library

I posted about free artwork that you could get from the New York Public Library here.  Just hop over there, read about how to get it and then follow the link to the NYPL.  Here is what I chose for the nursery.  It's from A Collection of Roses from Nature from 1799.  The frames were gold and were given to me.  A few coats of Krylon's "Ballet Pink" did the trick.

 Two straight valences came with the bedding set.  I got a little crafty and came up with this!  A tutorial will be forthcoming, but trust me when I say it is super easy.  I added a pair of sheers and stitched a shade to cover the window.  It was also a super easy project.  You could even do it "no-sew"!  I like that even though the shade is pink (which is obviously all over the room) there is difference in pattern with the gingham.

This little quilt rack isn't a quilt rack at all.  It's a towel rack!  I wanted a small iron quilt rack to go between the bed and the window but they were way more than I wanted to spend and much too big.  I only needed it to hold baby blankets, for Pete's sake!  During a late night feeding, inspiration struck me and this little guy was picked up for less than $20.  The little baby crib at the foot of the bed was built by my Uncle Bill for my Nanny who collected dolls.  Uncle Bill and Nanny are singing with angels now and never knew my daughter.  I love that my girl has had this passed on to her and will have the opportunity to cherish something my uncle built and my Nanny loved.
I know you probably can't get an idea of the bedding because we don't use it "properly" but here it is:
Riley's Roses Floral Baby Bedding
We used bedding from that company for A also and can't say enough good things about their bedding.  We don't use the bumpers in bedding sets but even at the 8 pieces we do use, it's still a great deal!
That concludes the tour!  I hope you enjoyed seeing my gal's room!


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