Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes Prints--DIY

If you've been on a Pinterest a hot minute you've probably seen something like thisthis, and this.  This is my version (no, I still haven't replaced my camera...).

I've loved them for a while and really couldn't tell you why I didn't just go ahead and make one.  I knew I could DIY this so I came up with a set of instructions using Microsoft Word.  These can really be tailored to your specific style using different fonts.  I'll tell you what I used but I encourage you to have fun with this and really make it your own!  (And no, these aren't our real names and birthdates.  I'm not begging to be had by an identity thief!  Just FYI!)

The first thing you want to do is open a new document in Microsoft Word.  Set your margins to what you want the finished size to be.  Go to File>Page Setup>Margins and set the top, bottom, left, and right margins to 1" each for an 8 x 10 print.  For a 5 x 7 print, set the top and bottom margins to 2.25" and the left and right margins to 2".  Make sure your orientation is set to portrait.  Next, click the tab marked Layout and set your Vertical Alignment to center.  Click OK to get back to your document.

Personally, I wouldn't go any smaller than 5 x 7.  I also found that anything more than 7 dates on an 8 x 10 looked busy, so keep that in mind too.  I went in chronological order from oldest event to most recent but however you want yours to read and whatever events you choose to chronicle is up to you!  Set your text alignment to center.  Type in the date then hit enter to move to the next line and put the event title or person's name. Continue in this manner until you are finished with the dates and events.  Finish it up with the "what a difference a day makes" tagline.

This is very custom to your preferences, but here are the fonts that I used.  The dates are CM Old Western (font size is 48)  found here.  The names are French Script MT (font size 36), which came installed on my computer.  The embellishments next to the name are Soft Ornaments (I used a lower case "e" in font size 36) found here.  The tagline at the bottom, with the exception of the word "day" are Teletype (font size 24) which came installed on my computer.  The word "day" is French Script MT again (font size 48).  Part of the fun is playing around with the fonts and sizes until you get what you like!  You'll also have to make adjustments in font size if you do this in a smaller size or if you have more or less events than the example.  Please, please, please scan files for viruses before you download anything.  I'm not responsible if you download something and your computer gets some nasty bug, but I would feel awful.  And always make sure to follow the rules with regards to licensing  for home and commercial use!  Then just print it and frame it!  I used card stock because I had it but you could use regular printer paper also.  It won't matter once it's framed!  You'll have to trim a little off unless you use a larger frame and mat.

Another shot of the finished product again just so you don't have to scroll back up:

Love it!  It would make such a cute housewarming gift!  Questions?  Hit up the comment box or send me an email!


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