Friday, May 10, 2013

All About Mom...From the mouths of my babes.

In honor of Mother's Day, I asked B, C, and A to fill out a little questionnaire all about me.   D is still a bit too young to be answering any questions, but she made a fantastic assistant.  For you reading enjoyment, answers about me...from the mouths of my kids!  To give you a guidepost regarding some of these answers, B is 12, C is 7, and A is 4.

1.  My Mom's name is:
  • B:  Jennifer
  • C:  Jen
  • A:  Ma'am
2.  She is _____years old.
  • B:  34
  • C:  6
  • A:  Some years happy
3.  She is _____feet _____inches tall.
  • B:  5 feet 8 inches
  • C:  6 feet 9 inches
  • A:  Long feet big inches

4.  She weighs _____pounds.
  • B:  Don't talk about it, son!  (Best. answer. ever.)
  • C:  6
  • A:  This much (holding his hands about 6 inches apart)

5.  Her favorite TV Show is:
  • B:  NCIS
  • C:  Football
  • A:  NCIS
 6.  Her favorite food is:
  • B:  Steak
  • C:  Pasta
  • A:  Salad
7.  Her favorite thing to drink is:
  • B:  Coca-Cola
  • C:  Coffee
  • A:  Milk
8.  Her favorite thing to do is:
  • B:  Be on Pinterest
  • C:  Stuff
  • A:  Eat
9.  She likes to wear:
  • B:  Stuff that isn't PJs
  • C:  Red
  • A:  Red raincoat
10.  My Mom is really good at:
  • B:  Blogging and cooking
  • C:  Working on stuff
  • A:  Driving to Nee Nee's house
11.  I like it best when my Mom:
  • B:  Cooks
  • C:  Buys me a Batman cowl (I think he's dropping a hint here since I've not bought him a Batman cowl yet!)
  • A:  Drives the car
12.  My favorite thing to do with my Mom is:
  • B:  Talk to her
  • C:  Shop for groceries
  • A:  Eat crawfish
13.  During the day my Mom:
  • B:  Cleans
  • C:  Plays ball
  • A:  I can't remember
So, so funny!  In case you were wondering, my name is Jen.  I am 34 years.  I am 5'6" tall and we don't talk about the weight!  My favorite regular TV show is NCIS but I am a huge football fan (Roll Tide!  Geaux Saints!).  My favorite food is steak, although spaghetti with meat sauce and a loaded salad with bleu cheese dressing are high on my list.  Coffee is my favorite thing to drink.  My favorite thing to do is any sort of home improvement project (except installing a new pane of glass--bleck).  I like to wear jeans and tees, but my raincoat is red and I was wearing it earlier.  Their opinions on what I'm good at, what they like for me to do, and their favorite things to do with me are all their own.  I love their answers for their favorite things to do with me because they are uniquely them.  I spend time talking to B at night after the smaller kids are all in bed.  That's our time and I almost cried when I realized he treasures that time too.  That might be my favorite answer of all.
And if you're wondering what I do during the day, well, that's a whole other post altogether.
To all of you mommies out there and to all of you dudes who fulfill the roles of mommy and daddy, my hat is off to you.  Happy Mother's Day from our family.

Jen (or Jennifer or Ma'am)

P.S. I found this questionnaire over at All for the Boys.  She even made a super handy PDF and you can click here to get to it!  Print some out for your kids and prepare to be amused!

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Dee B said...

Hey.. my favorite thing to do with you is talk as well. But really, great answers, so uniquely each of them. I may have to ask my kiddos these and see what they think.