Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stacked Book Baby Shower Cake

My dear friend Robin is having a baby girl!  That calls for a celebration.  I was asked to make a cake for her as a surprise.  She's a bibliophile like me so this was the perfect cake for her!

Each book is chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream that was then covered in marshmallow fondant and decorated to look like a stack of her favorite children's books.  The board was covered in fondant and painted to look like the books were sitting on a wooden table.  Robin loves owls so I made an owl topper out of fondant.
I can't wait to meet her little sweetheart!  Congratulations, Robin and Carl!

Sweetly Yours,


A Day In The Life said...

Not only was the cake beautiful (no surprise there) it was delicious (no surprise there either) but last night when I was picking at the fondant I realized that what looked like some type of paper on the bottom was actually fondant as well! Jennifer! The coloring on that base was amazing!!!

A Day In The Life said...

And now I see that you put the 'table' in your explanation but dang! :D

Thank you for the beautiful and special cake. I can't wait for this little girl to meet you, too!