Monday, November 24, 2008

A's Birth Story

November 18th was a crazy busy day. I got up that morning and got Lil B ready for school. I resisted the urge to lay back down, as had become my custom late in the third trimester. I wanted the house to be clean and all of the laundry washed and put away. Big B is a wonderful father and a great help to me, but has never actually had to deal with the day to day operations of taking care of our home and the children and this didn't seem the time to require that he do that. Around 8 p.m., Barry and I took the boys over to my parents' house. We had dinner with them and got them ready for bed. We came home around 10 p.m. to finish packing my bag and allow each of us to shower.
We arrived at the hospital at midnight and signed in. This was my first experience with this particular hospital, as my other two were born at the other hospital. We went up to Labor and Delivery and I changed into one of those lovely, bum baring hospital gowns, filled out a bazillion pieces of paper, left a specimen, had my blood taken and my IV started. I am a group b strep carrier so I was started on penicillin. Cervidil (used to soften the cervix) was then placed and they told me to try to rest. They usually prescribe Ambien to help you sleep, but I can't take Ambien, as it does bad things to me--I found that out with C--so I asked my doctor to not even bother this time.
At 6 a.m. I got the pitocin drip. Some people really despise the pitocin. I don't really find that it's all that terrible. My doctor came in at 2:30 to break my water and I was only dilated to a long 2, almost 3. I went in at a 1. They gave me my epidural and kind of prepared to be there for a while. I told any nurse that dared step foot in that room that if I got to 6 they needed to be ready, because I hit 6 and within half an hour I'm at a 9. If you happen to be a medical professional and you happen to be in the business of delivering babies, please note: If a woman tells you that in both of her prior pregnancies that she goes from 6 cm to 9 cm within half an hour and then from 9 to crowning in less than 10 minutes, it would probably be in your best interest to err on the side of caution and be prepared for that.
At 9 p.m. my nurse checked me and I was at 6. She called my doctor, who, conveniently enough, lives across the street from the hospital, and told her and she came right over. At 9:20 I told Barry to go get someone because I felt the urge to push. The nurses and doctor came in and my doctor checked me and I was at a 9. She told me to bear down to see if I could get past that last ridge and when I sat up to bear down, Aidan crowned. Nurses went into a frenzied hurry to get all of the equipment ready. That has happened every time--they aren't ever ready for how fast I crown. One nurse turned to me, grabbed my legs to pull me to the end of the bed, immediately turned to my doctor and said, "This baby's forehead is out!" YIKES! The nurse put her hand on top of his head and told me not to push. My doctor pulled her mask up and sat down and said, "Okay, push." Out came the rest of the head. "Again, Jennifer, you're doing great!" Out came the shoulders and torso. "Good girl, do it again." And he was completely delivered! And so in three pushes A made his grand entrance into this world on November 19, 2008 at 9:32 p.m. weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds and measuring 21.5 inches.

AKA The Mommy

Monday, November 17, 2008

Induce? Yes, thank you.

I went to the doctor on November 12. I was at 37 weeks but had the fundal height of someone at 43 weeks, which would be someone 3 weeks past due. It's the same measurement I had with C. C was considered LGA (large for gestational age) and Baby A is also, according to my ultrasounds. Dr. L said that we should maybe think about evicting Baby A and that I needed to start considering an induction or a c-section.
Now, let me start by saying I am not against c-sections. They serve their purpose and I can accept that, but I don't feel like surgery is necessary for me. Childbirth isn't pretty and takes a long time, but I enjoy the birth experience, especially with an epidural, thank you very much, and I enjoy the relative normality of life that you have just a few short hours after birth.
Okay, so back to the story. She asked me to come back on November17 to work out a plan. I am now measuring closer to 44 weeks but only dilated 1 cm. That's not so bad considering that I am actually just 38 weeks and 6 days along and from past experience I know that I really only dilate when I am in active labor. My babies don't drop until I am in active labor either, so no big surprise that he/she is still high. She wants to catch Baby A before he or she gets too big, preferably around 9 pounds, so we will be inducing on November 19 at midnight.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mud Slinging and the Political Climate

This probably rambles...I'm pregnant and chasing a 2 year old while I am writing it, so please accept my apologies in advance. This blog is about no one in particular, just things I have observed in the last few months. If you are offended and believe that it is about you, then please accept my apologies for that as well.

I generally don't get involved in political discussions. More than one friendship has ended over a political debate and it's not worth it to me to lose friends over a difference in opinion. That being said, most people know how I feel about certain issues and either don't challenge my beliefs or we have reached a point where we agree to disagree and I feel like I show the same courtesy to them. And yes, I have made my Presidential choice.

This being an election year, I have read numerous bulletins and read even more blogs touting the wonders of one's chosen candidate and the atrocities of "the other guy". I have even read such ridiculous statements that would go so far as to deem one racist/sexist/ageist if they aren't voting for Obama and the same if they aren't voting for McCain. I am neither racist, sexist, or ageist. I make my choices based on my personal feelings concerning issues that matter to me both as a mother, a woman, and an American. I don't vote party--I vote person. Those fully entrenched in the belief systems of a particular party might consider that to be flippant and they are certainly entitled to that opinion. I don't really care. Just don't call me a bad American because I don't agree with you.

I have had family and friends verbally attacked for making one choice or another. My question is why. Why do we feel the need to attack another's choice? If you care enough to stand up and have an opinion, then you should have enough respect to allow someone else to stand up and have one too. A compromise doesn't have to occur, but mutual respect for your fellow man should prevail. And honestly, if you are old enough to vote, then you should be old enough to not throw a temper tantrum because someone doesn't agree with you.

The great thing about living in this country is that we are entitled to all of that. It's a little thing called democracy. We are all free to make a choice for our leaders, and hopefully your choice is informed and based on the issues, but even at that, it doesn't have to be. You could vote McCain because you don't like the ties Obama chooses and vice versa and that's your choice to make and you should be able to make that choice free of persecution for your beliefs.

Short blog long, you aren't going to convince me to change my opinions no matter how many blogs and bulletins you post and no matter how many emails you send telling me how wrong I am. You will also garner no points for your chosen candidate by going on a tirade and attacking what I believe in. And that whole "my candidate has never done anything wrong and yours is the epitome of poor decision making"? You guessed it. I'm not buying into that either.

We are currently in perhaps the most exciting political race in the history of this country and people are involved more so than in any recent time that I can recall. Americans are invested in their very own political process and it's awesome to watch! Let that be the focus and keep the mud slinging for those who get paid to do it.

Peace and Love,

Paying It Forward, Complacency, Et Cetera...

(I am trying to consolidate my blogs so that I can just have one. This is a blog I posted on September 13, 2008.)

The last few days, I have been in a total funk. I feel like I'm trying to be the best mom/wife/daughter/friend that I can be and yet, I don't feel like I'm getting anything back. I don't mean that everyone in my life is taking advantage of my kindness, I just don't feel the sense of satisfaction that I should be feeling. I am a born again Christian and truly believe that my reward is in Heaven, but sometimes I want to feel just a little bit of a reward here on earth. Selfish? Perhaps, but I'm only human and this human can not live by good deeds alone, but by a little appreciation here and there.
I was pondering this last night (while sitting in my perpetual puddle of pregnant tears) and realized that this doesn't just happen to me. I'm sure most people feel unappreciated at some point and some more than others. And usually, it's the people closest to us that make us feel this way. Complacency is such a bad thing. We grow so used to people doing things for us out of the kindness of their heart that we begin to look upon these things as their sense of duty. The terrible thing is...I'm guilty of it too. I'm guilty of taking the little things for granted, even though I generally make a conscious effort to be appreciative. I cringe to think that perhaps I have made those I love feel like I didn't appreciate the things they have done for me.
I believe in the Ethic of Reciprocity (aka The Golden Rule). And I believe that if you pay it forward, you get it back. So, if you are in my life, and I have made you feel unappreciated, thank you. Thank you for the things you've done, even if you did it out of a sense of duty. Thank you for putting yourself out there, even when it was terribly inconvenient to do so. Thank you for being there, with your pom-poms ready and your shoulders to cry on, even if I didn't use them. Sometimes just knowing they are there is enough. Thanks for your advice, even when I didn't really want it. Thanks for valuing my opinion enough to ask for it and enough to not be angry when I gave it and it wasn't asked for. Thanks for making me a better person.

Paying It Forward,

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Butterbean's First Prenatal Appointment!

WARNING: Prenatal Appointments can be a little graphic, so if you are squeamish about the female anatomy, read no further. Peace.

I had my first prenatal appointment on April 29. I am using the same doctor that I've been seeing since I was 18. She delivered my two boys, knows my family medical history without even looking (thanks Mom) and in my opinion she's the best OB/GYN ever. She did the oh so wonderful yearly check-up (I won't go into that). Then she tried to find the baby's heartbeat. It was really a little too early to hear it, but she figured it was worth a shot. Then she pushed on my belly to find how high my uterus was and it was higher than it should have been. My uterus is large anyway and we know that, but she felt like it was reason to check things out. I really wasn't too concerned until she said, "you know, just to rule out an earlier due date or multiples." Ummm...what? So I had to wait in the office for the sonographer to fit me in. One baby in one big uterus--thank goodness! But I did get an ultrasound and Butterbean is the cutest little one inch fetus ever. Okay, so I can't verify that, since we really couldn't make anything out, but he's mine and all mothers think their kids are the cutest, so there.

I have an official due date of November 27--Thanksgiving Day. I hope she has some pity on me and induces early so I can enjoy Thanksgiving at home with the ones I'm most thankful for. Oh, and Paw Paw's dressing--I'm usually pretty thankful for it too!

On an upnote--the nausea is starting to subside, my skin is starting to clear up and I am a glowing pregnant lady once again. Yay! I crave cinnamon rolls, so if you want to donate some to the cause, drop me a line.

My next appointment is May 27, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Butterbean Takes Round One!

This pregnancy is kicking my butt. I’m not a pregnancy novice, I am the mother of two, but this time is different. I have never, ever, ever been so nauseated ever in my life. Ever. I had some mild morning nausea when I was pregnant with B and none at all when I was pregnant with C. But this time...I can’t even explain it. And yes, it’s really that bad. My only consolation in this is that I haven’t actually thrown up yet.
Not only am I a walking lump of nausea, but I look terrible. With my boys, I glowed. Yes, really. I have pictures taken not long after I found out and my complexion was beautiful and I literally glowed. This time I am pale and having acne problems, because it’s not bad enough to look like the walking dead or to look like a high school Freshman. You should be both--"Zombie Freshmen"--sounds like the title of a bad horror flick.
Okay, so round one goes to the baby because it’s obvious that I am not winning. How long is the first trimester? Oh, man...